Package org.simpleframework.xml.strategy

Provides a core set of strategies that can be used for serialization.


Interface Summary
Strategy The Strategy interface represents a strategy that can be used to resolve and load the Class objects that compose a serializable object.
Type The Type interface is used to represent a method or field that has been annotated for serialization.
Value The Value object describes a type that is represented by an XML element.
Visitor The Visitor interface represents an object that is used to visit each XML element during serialization.

Class Summary
CycleStrategy The CycleStrategy represents a strategy that is used to augment the deserialization and serialization process such that cycles in an object graph can be supported.
TreeStrategy The TreeStrategy object is used to provide a simple strategy for handling object graphs in a tree structure.
VisitorStrategy The VisitorStrategy object is a simplification of a strategy, which allows manipulation of the serialization process.

Exception Summary
CycleException The CycleException is thrown when an invalid cycle is found when deserializing an object from an XML document.

Package org.simpleframework.xml.strategy Description

Provides a core set of strategies that can be used for serialization. Stragtegies tell the serialization process what to do when it reads or writes an XML element. A strategy should contain all information required to serialize and deserialize an object instance. By default the TreeStrategy is used by the serialization process.

See Also:
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